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Gentle Tooth Extractions in Arden-Arcade, Sacramento

Removal of problematic, failing, or severely damaged teeth is a standard procedure that helps to improve patients’ overall health and dental function, and protects surrounding teeth from being affected by decay and uneven bite pressure. At Arden Executive Dental, we provide tooth extraction services in Sacramento with your overall dental wellness in mind.


Simple Teeth ExtractionsTooth Extractions in Sacramento, CA - Arden-Arcade Oral Surgeon

A failing tooth that can be removed without surgical processes can be treated through simple extraction methods. Teeth that are completely emerged from bone and gum tissue, but are broken beyond repair, too decayed to restore, or that have been treated with several unsuccessful root canals can be removed without creating incisions into tissue in most cases.

While pulling teeth is typically not ideal if they can be saved through restorative or endodontic procedures, extracting a tooth is essential if it cannot be treated and poses a threat to overall health and function. Dr. Amini numbs the treatment site before loosening a damaged tooth and then removing it from your smile.

Surgical or Complex Removal of Teeth

When needed, Dr. Amini can also utilize surgical processes to remove teeth that are impacted in bone or soft tissue, including third molars and teeth have been broken off at the gum line. Wisdom teeth removal is typically recommended for patients in their late teens through their 20s, or as soon as signs of wisdom teeth emergence are present. During routine check-ups, Dr. Amini takes X-rays to evaluate your smile and determine if third molar extractions should be part of your treatment plan in the near future.

Recovering from surgical removal of teeth involves taking prescribed medications, keeping the treatment site clean, and eating soft foods to avoid irritating soft tissue. Dr. Amini takes time with each patient to make sure they fully understand after-care instructions and can complete and recover from their procedure comfortably.

Protecting Dental Health after Extraction: Grafts and Restorations

While extraction is necessary in some cases, it’s essential that patients’ health and dental function is not seriously affected after treatment. Without natural teeth, bone at the extraction site can weaken and alter support for existing teeth. To ensure your smile remains strong, healthy, and can handle the placement of prosthetics to replace teeth, Dr. Amini provides bone grafts after teeth extraction at her Sacramento dental office. This process can be simple and take as little as an hour.

To replace permanent teeth that were removed to due to damage or decay, Dr. Amini offers varied treatment options that include dental bridges, full and partial dentures, or long-lasting dental implants.

Painful, damaged, or failing tooth? Contact our Sacramento dentist for more information about your options for extraction and replacement of problematic teeth.