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Same-Day Implants in Sacramento - Arden Executive Dental

If you have a tooth that needs extraction and replacement, you may not have to wait as long as you’d expected to receive a high-quality dental restoration. At Arden Executive Dental, our team is committed to meeting patients’ needs with immediate services when applicable, including same-day implants in Sacramento. 

What Makes Same-Day Implants Different?

The name of the service gives patients with some idea of what they can expect with treatment, but many do not understand the key differences between same-day implants and traditional implant processes.

In most cases, patients who have a severely compromised tooth that needs to be removed and replaced are provided with a time frame for healing before a restoration is provided. Patients who choose implants may also have a second obligation to wait and heal after the implant post is added to the area before a replacement tooth can be added to their smiles.

Same-day implant services include extraction of a damaged tooth, placement of dental implants, and the addition of a temporary restoration in the same dental appointment. 

Immediate Implant Services in Sacramento

This treatment is sometimes called an emergency implant, as patients who qualify are often those who experienced unexpected damaged to otherwise healthy teeth. Dr. Amini helps patients regain health and wellness as soon as possible through same-day implant placement. To determine if you qualify for these services, Dr. Amini evaluates your smile to check for the following:

Soft Tissue Health – Generally speaking, patients with healthy gum tissue can expect successful healing after implant placement. If you are dealing with severe periodontal disease, your condition can hamper bone health and implant treatment, affecting your ability to receive a same-day implant. 

Available Bone – As implant posts are placed into the bone and gain their remarkable stability by integrating with this tissue, a sufficient amount of bone needs to be present. Bone loss, however, can be common as a result of infection, medical conditions, or even if you’ve had a missing tooth or teeth for an extended time. 

If your smile is generally healthy and jawbone is strong enough to support an implant, Dr. Amini can provide you with your new tooth the same day as your extraction appointment. This service is especially beneficial for patients who had a tooth knocked out due to impact or trauma or a patient has a severely fractured or cracked tooth that cannot be preserved with a root canal. 

Contact our Implant Dentist Today!

If you have a tooth that cannot be saved or if you’ve seriously damaged a tooth, contact Arden Executive Dental today to determine if you qualify for same-day implant services in Sacramento. Even if your implant cannot be provided immediately, Dr. Amini can restore your smile through traditional implant processes to protect best treatment results.